In the living room, the simple black, white, and gray color scheme complements its inherent quality.


white sofa

In this post-modern style living room, the changing color layers intertwine with the penetration of light, giving rise to a sense of pleasure from within.
living room

fabric sofa


leather armchair

leather armchair

Looking to the side, a striking red emerges, a red spiral dining table, with its unique spiral design complemented by the dazzling bright red.
dining room

 spiral dining table
The red spiral dining table is not just furniture but more like a piece of art. Its design breaks free from traditional constraints, showcasing unique personality and charm.
red  dining table
It serves not only as a dining spot but also as a splash of color in the space, injecting warmth and vitality into the entire home.
 dining table

dining table
The master bedroom's subtle color palette and natural, gentle materials facilitate smooth transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces. The choice of geometric image collage for the background wall satisfies modern simplicity while adding visual depth to the space.
master bedroom


In this home, the minimalist black, white, and gray tones complement high-quality design, creating a fashionable and tasteful atmosphere. The eye-catching red spiral dining table adds a touch of warmth to the home, showcasing how good furniture pieces can enhance the overall aesthetic.
Design Team | CHANGQING Interior Design
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