In modern home design, achieving a free-flowing design in every inch of space and bringing life back to a light and airy texture is the goal of every designer. This blog takes you into a unique living space to explore how the designer breaks away from traditional thinking and uses brightly colored decorations and a purple fabric armchair to inject vitality and personality into the entire home environment.


purple fabric armchair
The Highlight of the Beige Space
In this home environment, beige is the main tone, with an open beige sofa naturally blending into the space. However, what truly catches the eye is the nearby purple fabric armchair. This purple fabric armchair stands out in the space, brightening the entire room.
purple  armchair
Although it is called a purple fabric armchair, this is not entirely accurate. Its fabric material is a combination of many purple and blue dots, using variations in color depth to achieve a three-dimensional effect, making it visually more layered and attractive.
fabric sofa
The purple fabric armchair, with its bright colors and unique material, breaks free from the constraints of traditional home design, injecting infinite vitality and personality into life.
Incorporating Eastern Zen
Next to the purple fabric armchair stands a hand-painted silk screen, quietly adding a touch of Eastern Zen to the home. The presence of the screen not only showcases unique artistic beauty in tranquility but also adds cultural depth and connotation to the overall space.
purple fabric armchair and fabirc sofa


open beige sofa
The Collision of Simplicity and Vintage
The design of the kitchen and coffee corner adopts simple straight lines, with white and dark green marble dining tables intertwining natural textures, presenting a harmonious coexistence of modern and classical elements. Purple lily-of-the-valley flowers are used as decorations on the dining table, complementing the purple fabric armchair in the living room, forming a perfect echo of colors and design elements within the space.
dining chairs

coffee corner
The Tranquil Beauty of the Lounge
Entering the lounge, classic wooden tones and beige bring a peaceful and healing sanctuary. Here, you can completely relax and experience a tranquility that belongs only to you. This space is designed simply yet warmly, making it an ideal place for rest and relaxation.

lounge sofa

The Reading Corner on the Second Floor
The open space on the second floor features a desk area by the window, connecting indoor and outdoor views and blurring the boundaries. Abundant sunlight spills onto the desk, with the breeze turning the pages, creating a carefree and free reading atmosphere. This design not only increases the practicality of space but also enhances the quality of life.
Reading Corner
The Mysterious Romance of the Master Bedroom
In the master bedroom, Impressionist painters, represented by Monet, are deeply fascinated by the color purple. This color, hovering between virtual and real, brings a mysterious and romantic atmosphere to the space. The headboard and curtains use high-saturation purple as accents, echoing the purple fabric armchair in the living room and the purple lily-of-the-valley flowers in the dining room, creating unity and harmony throughout the home design.
master bed

white chair



Woven leisure chair
The purple fabric armchair is not just a piece of furniture but the highlight of the entire home environment. In every inch of space, the free-flowing design created by the purple fabric armchair brings life back to a light and airy texture, offering an unprecedented wonderful experience.


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